Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer 2014 – Embroidered Cambric Summer Dresses

Summer is considered to be the weather of tranquilizing colour; for Pakistani fashion brands. As aside it stimulates innovation and uniqueness and other side it motivates fashion in international market and plays key role in growth. Pakistani fashion brands especially Gul ahmed is acknowledge as the real monarch with distinctive and creative fashion ideas in neighborhood markets. Hence It try to promotes modern form of seasonal wear with trendy designs. For midsummer once again king of fashion has brought fresh summer trends with soothing shades coalesced altogether in elite manner. Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer 2014 Collection and specifically Embroidered Cambric has fostered affluent designs with cultural philosophy to give you luxe form of summer wear. Embroidered Cambric Summer Dresses are exclusively launched series in midsummer sundry products. In this cambric range, gul ahmed has released simplest yet appealing evening wear and formal dresses on cambric fabric. 

Gul-Ahmed Midsummer Embroidered Cambric 2014

This well ventured and exquisite summer designs consists on feminine and vibrant color scheme, appreciating thread embroideries and eye catching printing on delicate patterns. As this yea, Gul Ahmed decided to treat Pakistani ladies with simple and modern clothes styles Hence it has carefully nourished Gul Ahmed Embroidered Cambric of Mid-Summer 2014 and given you a truly tantalizing ever enchanting as before with exclusive designs and prints to feel the zeal. 
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