Ittehad Midsummer Cotton Series 2014 | Glamorous Cotton / Khaddar by House of Ittehad

Ittehad Mid-Summer Cotton Series Collection 2014: Do you want professional presence in your festival or seasonal clothes? Do you need a dress that immediately put you in limelight? If yes! Then here is a glamourous rich and trendy midsummer - eid ul azha dresses by house of Ittehad.  Ittehad lawn is very old, experienced and high potential brand of Pakistan. It is consider as shark of fashion ocean because Ittehad knows that women want to look gorgeous. It is also fashion liberty provider by giving raw fabrics in different varieties. This year, ittehad mid-summer cotton series 2014 also based in heart touching and captivating khaddar cotton designs. Through which, ittehad textile is giving you chance to celebrate final period of summer and festivals with glamourous lawn prints

House of Ittehad Midsummer Cotton Series 2014

These midsummer cotton khaddar dresses has been adorned with radiant and crystal shiny base colors, on which designer has applied appealing prints on different patterns. Mostly designer has given extra care in embellishments of neckline and tailoring of Glamorous - midsummer cotton series-14. Very cute and symbolic versions of long shirts and middle length dresses has been introduced. As extra work or additional elements which we can see in designing are buttons, laces, piping and patches to boost beauty of dresses. Ittehad textiles cotton khaddar midsummer catalog is fused with traditional styles of Asian culture and customized according to latest fashion. Indeed, this eid festival and midsummer few out class cotton khaddar dresses will hit shops soon to dazzle our wardrobes. 
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