Al-Zohaib Shawl Collection 2014-15 | Ayesha Zara Woven Shawls Winters-15

The revolution in technology is also affecting the fashion industry, That's why everyday we are getting new modes and styles of ancient clothes. Few minutes ago, we have given the brief review of Origins shawls and now Al-Zohaib textile has brought new phenomena in shawls. Ayesha Zara Woven Shawl Collection 2014-15 is new winter trend demonstration of leading textile group of Pakistan. For this shawls collection, al zohaib designer team has taken inspiration from graceful and elegant styles and molded in custom. Al Zohaib ( who focuses on traditional and current trend while designing) has produced this wide winter formal and informal range unique manner. They have used natural, animal, birds and paisley motifs to geometric patterns in basic weaving of shawls and further enhanced with symbolic array of colors. These shawls are soft in texture and colorful in look. Alzohaib Shawl Collection 2014/15 is sign of elegance and modernity. Because - every process has been done with most advanced machinery. However the shirts and dupatta are simple but featured elegant kashmiri thread work. Where the designer has wisely and smartly picked the colors, fabrics and fibers to provide highest level of cozy day wear, although, Alzohaib winter wear 2015 are in waiting. These shawls suits by alzohaib textiles also comprises beautiful motifs and patched dealing with sober and supreme tailoring guide. 
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