Cross Stitch winter collection 2014-2015 | Elite Dresses with Embroidery

Cross Stitch clothing is leading retail fashion house of Pakistan It is part of fashion business since 2000. Cross-Stitch have huge range of fabrics, pret, digital printed, embroidered and designer wear in seasonal products. Day by day, CrossStitch is growing popularity because it spread handmade decorated trends. In Asian fashion market, Cross stitch has set unique identity therefore every second lady waits for cross stitch collection. So be happy and enjoy winter with exclusive cross stitch fall collection 2014-15. This season, Cross stitch is giving two distinct ranges in winter dress section, Pret Digital Prints By Cross Stitch and designer embroidered fabrics winter collection 2014-15. Both winter catalogs are mind blowing, Cross stitch has developed high quality dresses in winter dress collection 2014-2015. Digital prints have strong flavor of folk art with dark tone color scheme, it is an ideal and classy fashion for the girls who likes to follow traditions and old trends in modern era. On the other hand, Cross stitch winter fabric collection is embroidered and elite fashion trends for girls. Cross Stitch winter wear dresses has been embellished with unique tailoring and trims along with beautiful print and crafts. Although, cross stitch taken inspiration from asian heritage and roots to make it valuable and applied fine craftsmanship to make most adorable trend of 2014-15. Cross stitch has shown professional attitude and customized every dress in creative style with signature modification. Indeed, this is really adaptable trend with lovely fashion fantasies and fancy elements.
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