Eleganza Semi Formal Winter Collection 2014-2015 | Eleganza Luxury Pret 2014-15

Eleganza Clothing by Insia Saleem was formed in 2013 with vision to translate your style in my way. Eleganza boutique has set unique standard in and became dreamy dress maker of industry. Its quick approach between fashion giants is great asset which helped to become globally famous and inspiring label of Pakistan. Eleganza Fashions collections depict allure of continental trends and illustrate modernity. Recently, Eleganza luxury pret collection 2014-15 was launched with same fictional concept. In which India Saleem had tried to set innovative standard of oriental clothing with slight mix of other cultures. She wisely merged Indian, Chinese and European crafts and printing patterns to add versatile range in Pakistan industry. Eleganza Semi-Formal Collection 2014/2015 dresses are trendy, and rich, in which each culture has blended with care. Latest winter collection 2014 by Eleganza is affordable range of pret semi formal wear with colorful array, unique but fancy crafts and cultural fusion. Let's look at white and blue embroidered shirts with sea green block printing is really praising, on the other hand black with all over fancy crafts is a kind of beauty in perfection. Blue is the dress which adds distinct impression in wardrobe, and purple sleeveless dress with golden crafts will spark your winter wardrobe with elegant style. With Aquamarine dress, Eleganza has tried to put romantic piece in semi formal closet. This gently designed is best luxury pret dress that will make sophisticated fashion statement. So let's pick these versatile pieces and jewel with beautiful accessories to perk up persona.
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