Kari-Ghar Formal Dress Collection 2014-2015 | Winter Evening Suits

Are you waiting for scintillating trends? Do you want designer formals for cold evening parties or for new year night? Then KariGhar is the enchanting brand who has introduced fall/winter formals newly. KariGhar is emerging fashion icon launched to add classy features with modern amalgamation. The designer K-Malik is running the brand to make individual fashion developer. So to fulfill her aim Komal-M has launched KariGhar formal collection 2014-15. In this collection, she has manufactured vintage inspired clothes with appealing signature thoughts. Komal has picked shocking and vibrant color Georgette, silk, Katan, cotton and karandi fabrics for funky and wavy twist. As KariGhar by Komal formal dress collection 2014/2015 is produced in winter fall season so to add warm texture she has added wool fibers. Komal designer winter formal wears have delicate embroidery aroma with fancy elements. The designer of KariGhar has poured timeless appeal by selecting old styles and modified in modern way to put dominant sense. This KariGhar party wear 2014-15 is catchy formals and ideal for common girl to bride. If you are newlywed bride then you will not find such elite and unique fashion to join parties, and if you are going to attend new year party or any eve event then it will bring you in limelight and everyone must look twice to adore your style. Indeed, komal-malik is talented new fashion artist who understand how to improve elegance and beauty of dresses to make everyone ideal. So let's walk with proud, let's enjoy every night or eve function and shine with glamorous fashion by adding chic dresses or komal by KariGhar in winter party closet. 
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