Ali Xeeshan Daastaan Collection at Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2014

Ali Xeeshan was the designer - who had described an incomplete love story of mughal era in his Dastaan bridal Collection at #TBCW2014. The iconic designer Ali Xeeshan had taken inspiration from the 16th century when Mughal emperors was ruling in south Asia. Ali xeeshan showcased luxe bridal dresses brought audience back in royal period with lovely styles of Anarkali frocks, with legendary colors, cuts and sheer fabrics. The rich decoration was used to put five star beauty in Mughal dresses. No doubt that Ali Xeeshan had successfully revived the mughal lifestyle to pay a versatile tribute. Today on Clothing9, we gave a small place to a absolute regal couture, An untold story by Ali Xeeshan that keeps true love behind it. The grand opening ceremony was held of Dastaan collection at TBCW14.
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