Kuki Concept Parisa Bridal Collection at Telenor Bridal Week 2014 Day-1

Telenor Bridal Week Couture Day-1 started with Kuki Concept. Kuki had introduced its fascinating bridal range title with "Parisa". The Parisa collection was modern amalgamation of eastern and western trends that has been exclusively redefined by Kuki concept with valuable craftsmanship. Their bridal wear designs were carried out with cultural fuse with unique signature styles. They have once again empowered the urban shades and vintage colors in bridal wear. Kuki Concept bridal collection 2015 at #TBCW2014 was an expressive, rich and luxury concept that provided something unique and interesting to brides to wear this autumn winter festive season. Kuki Concept Parisa in Telenor Bridal Week 2014 was dreamy and mystical that had been designed to pay tribute to traditions, customs and norms of our society. Kuki concept has brilliantly played with legendary theme and revived modern concept for brides.
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